Who Are We?

We are all a part of a wonderful national organization known as the National Sheltie Rescue Network (NSRN).  We are the face of thousands of Shelties, especially Seniors, being rescued throughout the United States everyday.  Sheltie Rescue is a part of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association and we are represented in every state and Canada as well.

These special Seniors are the same ones that came into homes as cute, fluffy bundles of energy and love when they were puppies.  Through no fault of their own and unfortunate circumstances in their short lives, these same sweet puppies, who are now adults and seniors probably ages seven (7) and beyond, were abandoned, abused, taken to shelters, given away, left on the side of the road.

With all hopes of promise to each of these Seniors, this site has been created to give them a chance for the most wonderful forever home with people who will love them no matter what for their entire lifetime.

The best years of their lives are yet to come...they love to play, they love children, they love other dogs, they especially love and protect their owners.  As Shelties grow older, they get better...check out our pages of pictures of Shelties that have done so many great things in their senior lives.  You will be amazed and realize that these seniors get younger as they age.

If you are unable to adopt or foster a Senior Sheltie, check out our donation page. This page funds NWAL Herding Dog Rescue's Senior Program and helps these Shelties while they are waiting for adoption or foster. If you would like to donate to any other Sheltie Rescues, please go to their own websites. Thank you for supporting Shelties.

Won't you consider adopting or supporting these very special Shelties who will give unconditional love to you and your family?

Thank you to 1800PetMeds for all the donations
to support Shelties and other herding dogs